Compiling useful stuff (My 100th post) & a contest.

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EDIT FRIDAY NIGHT 5/29/09 11:59:59PM -The contest is now over! tells me the winner is Aaron, who is a big fan of the momentum bonus and the counter making tutorial!  Aaron, I’ll be reaching out to you soon.  For all of you that entered, thank you for taking the time, and thank you for visiting my blog.  I appreciate every single reader that takes the time to read what I have to write.  It is truly humbling.


And I arrive at my 100th posting a lot faster than I expected.  Let’s see if I can crank out 100 more.  But enough about me, let’s get to the useful stuff.  I’m going to link some of my articles that I feel benefit new DM’s everywhere, right here on this posting so they are all in one spot.   These will fall in order from most recent to the earliest.

Are you a new DM looking for players?

Bribe your players with bonus +1 or +2 tokens.

New DM Starter Kit (counters, maps, etc. for Kobold Hall DMG adventure)

Advice for the new DM.

Are you a new DM and want to play at Paragon or Epic tier right off the bat?  Read this first.

Be careful not to make your PC’s survival to important to your plot!

Introducing new PC’s through side plots and adventures.

Masterplan (software for the 4th Ed. DM; not mine btw…)

Song lyrics and your campaign (one of my favorite articles)

Podcasts can be a newbie DM’s best tool.

An idea for tracking conditions.

A source for cheap dice.

A tutorial that teachers you how to print battle maps from Dungeon or printed adventures at a 1″ scale.

A tutorial that teaches you how to create your own tokens or pogs.

Homemade condition tokens.

There you go, a nice sampling of 15 articles.  If you are a new DM, this should keep you busy for a while.  And now, on to the contest.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me which of these articles you find the most useful.  The contest will run for a week, until next friday night at 11:59pm eastern.  The prize will be a randomly selected 2nd Ed. D&D book from my stack of old books.  What?  That’s all I’ve got…


Daniel Perez, aka The Gamer Traveler, who also runs Highmoon Games has generously offered to add on to the prize pool.  Check this out, courtesy of Highmoon Games:


WAIT!  THERE”S MORE!!!  Obsdian Portal has generously offered a 6 month membership!!  That’s a $25 value.  Obsidian Portal is a great campaign wiki tool and this is a great prize as well!

This has now become a real contest.  Make sure you get your comments in.

And I hope you enjoy the collection of links.

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