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Artwork from WOTC's Monster Manual 3 for 3rd Ed. September 17, 2016

Monster conversion: Woodwose

September 12, 2016



Here’s another attempt at converting a monster from 2e to 5e… the Woodwose, known in 2e as a Nightshade… It’s a CR1 creature from the forests of the Feywild, who will turn you into one of them if it kills you with his poisoned blade. Enjoy. Grab it here.    If you would like to support […]

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Monster conversion: Sandman

September 11, 2016



Here’s another monster conversion, this time the Sandman, which first appeared in 1e’s Fiend Folio, and was later taken into 2e’s Al Qadim setting in a boxed set called “Assassin Mountain”. The Sandman’s a simple monster, it’s an elemental made of sand who basically puts people to sleep. In 2e, their lore was expanded and made […]

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Stranger Things Demogorgon for 5e

September 7, 2016



Netflix’s show Stranger Things is a love letter to 80’s entertainment. It takes Spielberg, Stephen King, John Carpenter, and George Lucas and puts them in a blender, creating a fantastic 8 hours of television. One of the highlights of the show is its unabashed love of D&D, as it is a major part of the show, […]

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Three Dollar Monsters: Creatures of the Shadowfell

May 20, 2016



  Today I launched “Three Dollar Monsters: Creatures of the Shadowfell”, my first DM’s Guild product. What is it? Well, it’s basically a handful of D&D monsters converted to 5th Edition, each with a little bit of fluff , some WOTC art, and a stat block designed by me. And surprise! If you couldn’t tell […]

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Couple of things for your Curse of Strahd game…

April 18, 2016



  Curse of Strahd, 5e’s entry into the world of Ravenloft, finally dropped unto our game tables. I’ll be reviewing it soon, along with the Tarokka deck for it, but I thought I’d share some things I made or found for your Ravenloft game. First, the Powers Check for Ravenloft, converted over from 2e’s Ravenloft: Realm […]

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