Are you a new DM looking for players?

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So, you are a new DM with a wonderful idea for a campaign.  You’ve got it all planned out, down to the one liners your bad guy will throw at your players in their final, epic encounter.  Unfortunately, you’ve got no players to play with.  Boo-hoo.  What do you do?  Go back to kill the respawning orcs and finish the endless repeating quests in Warcraft?  No way!  You find yourself some players.

The first place you have to go to is your local gaming store.  There, you’ll surely find a bunch of like minded gamers ready to take on whatever you’ve got to throw at them.  The drawback of this, for guys my age… (ahem, ahh… over… 30…) is that a lot of kids tend to hang out there playing their Yugioh’s and what not.  You don’t want to look creepy coming on to a bunch of kids asking them to play D&D with you…  Approach kids at your own risk!

Second, and this may seem weird but it can work, is to hang out at your local Border’s or Barnes and Noble, and scope out the D&D section.  Take a look at the characters browsing the books, and if one seems like a friendly dude, approach him.  Chances are he’d jump at the chance to play, or may invite you into his group after a casual conversation.  Gamers are friendly for the most part.

Your last option is to jump online.  There are a countless number of resources online meant to connect players, both face to face and electronically.  I will not review  or claim to use them, I’ll just provide the links and let you all figure it out for yourselves.  Some are portals and some are message boards.  If you’ve got other resources, drop me a line or post a message with the link, and I’ll add them to the list here.

Electronic Tabletop:

Good luck finding some players.

Now a quick note.  This is apparently my 99th post on, so I feel like giving something away for my 100th posting.  Unfortunately for you, my blog isn’t big enough where companies send me free swag to give away, so you’re stuck with receiving some free book I may have lying around.  It’s used, but hey, it’s free.  Check back soon for that…  🙂

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Plot hook of the day:  A thief is found stabbed in a back alley with a list in his possession with the names of the party members scribbled on it, along with a map to a nearby cave complex.   As part of the investigation, the constable questions the party accompanied by another guard.  The next day, the constable himself is killed.  What’s going on here?

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