Here are a few little things I’ve created that you may find useful in your game…

XP Encounter  Budget Chart (for parties with over 5 players)

Level Progression Worksheet (plan out your party’s encounters & level progression)

New Dm’s Starter Kit (tokens, maps, combat tracker and more for the Kobold Hall adventure in the DMG)

NPC Cards Jpeg & .PSD

New Player Questionnaire

Volcanic Adventure Tiles

Homemade Condition Cards – Also, two cards were updated.  Find them here.

Analog Initiative Tracker  “Calendar type”

Star Wars  “How did you get your ship?” random table

Winter Lands tiles

If you would like to support, perhaps you’d consider visiting for your next rpg related purchase. Check out the following products:

Dungeon Tiles Master Set

Neverwinter Campaign Guide

Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale

Thank You!

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  1. Aaron Rosenberg

    January 18, 2010

    You are a invaluable resource! Keep it coming newbiedm.

  2. Thanks for posting the New DM’s Starter Kit, it definately helps to give me ideas of how to run the show.

  3. Nice work! Its always good to see others create free content for RPG’s out there. I love seeing other peoples “tiles” they use for their gaming needs. I’ve also created a few tiles free tilesets myself for everyone to use and put em on my blog too. More or less right now just sky and water tiles for undersea battles or sky jaunts but plan on making more too.

    thanks and keep em coming.

    -david – My Gaming Blog

  4. dungeon master

    April 6, 2011

    wow the stuff here is great and will definitely helpful

  5. In case anyone is as into dice as I am, here’s a site for the best dice I’ve ever seen.

    Note: The web site is in Germany and the company is in Poland. If you order direct, it will take a few weeks to get your order (2-3 based on my two orders) but it’s well worth it.

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