New DM Starter Kit now available!

Posted on May 15, 2009 by


Continuing the theme of yesterday’s post, where I gave some tips for the new DM, today I’m making something available for download.  If you are a new DM, and are planning on running (which I highly recommend) the Kobold Hall adventure in the back of the DMG then you should download this PDF I’ve put together.  Inside you’ll find the following goodies:

  • 1″ Scaled BattleMaps for all 5 encounters
  • Monster tokens for every single enemy in the adventure (artwork designed by me, sorry they are so crude!)
  • A simple initiative/combat tracker
  • Condition tokens
Paper condition tokens at work...

Paper condition tokens at work...

I made slight changes to the names of the monsters, to avoid any potential issues with the copyright holders, 😉 and I also hesitated in using their artwork for the tokens for the same reasons.  After all, they want you to go buy minis…  I felt comfortable using their map because they give away maps freely anyway.


If you’re not sure how to put the tokens together, follow this link.

This is for brand spankin’ new DM’s to download.  There’s nothing for you here if you are an experienced DM, but you may have a friend who wants to try to run a game for the first time.  Share this with him/her.  Already, 500 DM’s have taken the New DM Starter Kit for a spin, so what are you waiting for?

I hope this helps out a new DM.   If there would have been something like this when I started DM’ing, I would have used it.

Here it is, have a good game!