Modifying the way I track conditions

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So after using my paper condition tokens, I switched over to Alea Tools because they are probably the best thing out there right now for the 4th ed. DM looking for a solution to the game’s bookkeeping.  I also use them for Ranger’s Quarry’s, Paladin’s Divine Challenges, etc…

But last session I did something different with my markers, and it moved the game a whole lot faster, since we didn’t have to keep looking at the color key to see what color stood for what.

The poor Rogue should be taken out of his misery.

The poor Rogue should be taken out of his misery.


I printed out in 9 pt. font the conditions, cut them out in thin strips, wrapped them around the marker and glued them.  Sure, the prep took some time, but now it is a permament marker for that specific condition and it is clear, easy to read, and the table moves faster.

I would love to see this as a 2.0 enhancement.  I can imagine this as an engravement on the marker, filled in like a die pip with ink or something like that…  I need to order more markers now because I want multiple markers for multiple conditions…

Which leads me to the second part of the post…  GM Day!  march 4th is GM Day, and the fine folks at Alea Tools are giving away magnetic conversion circles for your miniatures with every order from now until the 4th of March.  Those are a great solution to make your minis magnetic and able to stack up on the markers without sliding off.

 In fact, a lot of companies are planning cool things for GM day, head on over to the news page at ENWord to see all the deals.

I asked my wife to get me a happy GM’s Day card at Walgreens and she asked me “What’s a GM?”  She then told me to take out the trash.

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