Open Game Table Volume 2 nominations are in!

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“Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Volume 1” was a book that came out last year in which the best rpg material of the blogosphere was collected and put into print form.  It was thought up and put together by Jonathan Jacobs, author of the gaming blog The Core Mechanic and one of the founders of Nevermet Press, and independent publisher of 4e D&D material.

My blog hadn’t been around very long back then, so I was extremely surprised when I received an email telling me one of my articles had made it!  I must admit it is pretty cool seeing one of my articles in a book, I won’t lie.  So now this brings me to the topic at hand, Volume 2 of the series has been announced, nominations were made, and… there are 7 posts from nominated. Exciting stuff!

The nominated posts are:

NewbieDM tutorial: counters, tokens, or pogs (this is the one that appeared last year, shouldn’t be here on the list)
NewbieDM tutorial: Printing battlemaps to a 1″ scale/
Song lyrics and your campaign
Advice for new dm’s only
Are you a new dm looking for players?
Don’t make the pc’s ride the newbie railroad
A system for playing dd with my kid

The full list of nominations is available here. There were 375 (!) articles from around the D&D blogosphere nominated this time around, and it looks like it’s going to be a tough choice when the time comes to see what finally makes it on the book.  The quality of D&D blogs out there can vary from sucky to brilliant, and if you really aren’t familiar with D&D blogs and found me through the Wizard’s interview, then that list of nominees is a good place to start.

Here’s to all the nominees, good luck!


Volume 1 of the Anthology can be picked up here.

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