Pre-Campaign Player Questionnaire

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Many times, we as DM’s do not have the luxury of playing with a group of people we’ve know for a long time and are comfortable with.  I happen to have that luxury, playing with a group I’ve known and have been friends with for over 20 years in some cases, and haven’t had to resort to alternate ways to find players.

So as a DM who’s running a game for a bunch of strangers, you’ve got very little to go on besides the small talk that goes on during character creation night and the pre-game pleasantries that are exchanged on game night.  It’s a tough job to manage 6 or 7 different personalities when you aren’t too familiar with them.  Also, player expectations for your game are something you should know and respect, as well as the reverse; players should know what kind of game you plan to run before they jump unto your table.  With this in mind, I’ve created a small player questionnaire for you to hand out to your (potential) players.


Asking questions before the campaign starts is a must.

These questions aren’t meant to include everything you must know about a player, but they do have a very basic and general scope to them, things like how they view alignment in the game, to what food allergies they may have that you may need to be conscious of.

Although I don’t currently have a need to use it, I put it out there in case someone does have a need for it and hasn’t found one online.  I hope it helps somebody out.

EDIT:   I have updated the file to address a typo, and a misunderstood checkbox item that was addressed in comments below.

You can find it here.

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