Turns 3!

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Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who’s visited the site these past three years, it has been a blast!  Honestly, it has been a great ride and besides helping out tons of you in your DMing, the site’s been nominated for Ennies, recently passed 800,000 page views, and gave me the platform to publish rpgKids.  So for all of that, again, I thank you!  Your feedback keeps me going cause it sure ain’t the cash. 🙂

I also want to thank everyone who has written a guest article, tutorial, or has contributed to the site in some way.  I should also send Gator Games some love for sponsoring all those great giveaways last year!

My first post went up on September 10th 2008,  and I thought I’d share that post with you now

We’ve come a long way.  And my wife still won’t play D&D. 🙂

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