So I’ve decided to start blogging…

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Why not.  I’ve started Dm’ing, so why not start a blog about it.  It’s my first time playing on the other side of the screen so to speak.  Except for a short stint as a SW d6 DM (great game, one that D20 owes a lot to IMHO), this is my first serious attempt at running a campaign.

We are playing 4th ed., and so far I love it.  My first D&D experiences were in the 2nd ed. days, late 80’s-early 90’s…  My 3rd ed. experiences were few, I always felt the books read like college textbooks, plus my mind was somewhere else besides D&D.  I could never escape the fantasy bug though…  Everquest hooked me, and Barundar the Drunk Entertainer Dwarf was a nightly fixture in the tunnel to the desert, telling jokes in exchange for cash… I also got hit with the WOW bug for a while, but the repetitive nature of these games never truly satisfied my craving for roleplaying games…

Years later, here I am again, D&D’ing with a lot of the same faces from 15-20 years ago… a lot older, with kids, and a wife that has no clue or understanding as to why I like D&D so much.

She’s also wondering why I’m wasting so much ink printing out scale maps of “whatever that nerd crap is”. 

I guess she can read my blog to find out.

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