Madness at Gardmore Abbey unboxing

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I wanted to do a quick unboxing of this adventure, as there seems to be some interest in seeing what’s inside the box.  This is not a review, just a very, very quick glance inside the box.  I haven’t read the contents of the adventure yet, so don’t expect that out of this video.

Also, this was shot at 1am, with crappy lighting and with one hand holding the ipad while the other one went through the contents, so don’t expect good camera work. 🙂

Some things I noticed:

  • Box is sturdy.
  • Cards from Deck of Many Things are not flimsy like the red box cards.
  • Books are of better quality than the previous 4e adventures.
  • Poster maps are fairly large.

I will be posting a detailed review later on, but for now here is the unboxing video:

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