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After seeing the absolutely kick ass fan produced version of the Mystara campaign setting for the AGE system (Dragon Age’s engine), I am now more than ever inspired to slowly work on a Star Wars version (or at least attempt to contribute to one).

One thing’s for sure, my inspiration for doing something like this would be to make the game  a sort of spiritual successor to  the West End Games version of SW.  I would use that as a source and as a model, instead of the later d20 versions.  Not because I dislike d20, I do play Saga myself, but because d6 always felt more cinematic and more SW than the d20 ever has.

Warning, this article assumes some knowledge of the AGE system.  🙂

So what do I think  that the SW using the AGE system would look like?  Well, I’d try to maintain the 3 class structure of the system.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, the game has three classes, warrior, rogue, and mage.  Then there are talents that you pick to differentiate between two warriors for example.  You gain either a new talent, or a degree in an existing talent every odd level.  In Star Wars, I’m seeing three classes:  Soldier, Scoundrel, and Noble.  Where’s the force user you ask?  Well, I wouldn’t make him a class to begin with, but rather I would offer force sensitivity at character generation.  Your guy either is, or isn’t a force sensitive.  Being force sensitive then “unlocks” force talents you can pick from, regardless of your class, that grant you force powers.

After all, who is to say that smugglers, pilots, or demolition experts can’t also be force users?

I envision three types of force talents.  Control, Alter, and Sense force talents.  Each has three powers associated with it.  At level 3, you pick your first talent (aside from the class one granted at lvl 1).  You could pick “Control Force Talent I” and have 3 basic control force powers.  At level 5, you could become a journeyman in that talent (increasing the powers’ strength), or rather pick a new talent “Alter Force Talent I” and gain basic alter force powers.  Perhaps at level 7 you want to pick up “Control Force Talent II” and have 3 more control force powers, all 6 of them being basic ones (since you haven’t become a journeyman in either one).

Force Powers would come from both the d6 and d20 games, since the d6 game wasn’t around for the prequels and missed things like “force push” for example.

Imagine “force stunts”?  Those could be cool.

What about the multitude of species available for SW, how would those come in?  Well, obviously the species list would be limited at first.  Not every SW book offer every species  at the start.  And the backgrounds would like be heavily inspired from the d6 game’s templates.

I can see a Wookie Sidekick background for example.

He could choose to go Soldier, or Scoundrel.  He’d get a +1 to STR and could pick between the following focuses: Cunning (Explosives) or Cunning (Starship Engineering).  He would then roll on his chart for the next two available benefits, be it focuses, talents, or additional weapon groups.

He could also pick force sensitivity at character creation and eventually pick talents that would make him a force using wookie soldier if he chose that route.

For vehicles and starship combat, I’d try to just use the 3d6 system as written, using scales like d6 did.  There are no vehicle rules in AGE so far, so this would be a difficult thing to tackle, but by maintaining it abstract, I think it could be done.  Perhaps talents open up piloting?  I think that would be the way to go, with different focuses for different types of ships (starfighters, transports, capital ships).

Dragon Age is an incomplete system, right now the only available levels are 1-5, of an expected 20.  So who knows where the game is going.  I know specializations are coming in the next set, so eventually Jedi could be a specialization.

I know I’m thinking about this too much, but I love SW as an rpg, and I’m really digging the old schoolness of the AGE system, so a marriage of the two is inevitable in my mind.  There are others working on such a game.  @darkcyril on twitter is thinking about one, and there’s also a conversion being done at the Dragon Age forums.

3d6 you must roll. Create this game you will.


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