A handout on the Dragon Age world for DM’s and PC’s

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We officially started our Dragon Age campaign, and one of the biggest hurdles we are facing is the introduction to a completely new setting.  While I’ve played the video game, none of my players have, so it was up to me to introduce them to Thedas.  I played all the intro animations from the video game for them, but I also game them this handout.

I made this 14 page pdf for my players and the feedback I got was good.  They got a better sense of the world, the races, and their place in it.  I figured I’d share with any potential Dragon Age players or DM’s who may not be familiar with the setting.  It is fully bookmarked and includes stuff like races, religion, calendar, Darkspawns, and Grey Wardens.  It should serve as a good supplement t0 the information found in the Player’s Guide.

I created this handout using the Dragon Age Wiki page as the source.  This is all cut and paste from there, not of it is original to me except compiling it as a handout.

If Dragon Age interests you, then you should explore that wiki, as there is a ton of info on the setting available there.

Oh, a neat bit of background info… The name Thedas literally came from for “THe Dragon Age Setting”.  Funny.

Grab it here:



EDIT:  Seems like the links back to the wiki aren’t working. Oh well, I’ll fix it when I get a chance. You can still go play around there. 🙂

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