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So after 2+years of running this blog all by my lonesome, I feel that it’s time to add a fresh voice or two to the mix.  Yep, I’m looking for a contributor (or two).  Chances are that if you are a regular visitor to the blog (and thank you if you are), you know what kind of stuff I like to talk about here.

I’m interested in D&D 4e writers primarily, focusing on DMing.  Why?  Well, it’s what this blog was founded on, it’s what a lot of folks come here for, and it’s currently what I’m in need of help with.

So here’s how I’ll do it:  If you are interested, leave me a comment below, and if possible link to a blog article or two if you have a blog or have ever written for a blog.  I want to see samples of your writing.  If you prefer to not make things public, go to the “contact” page here on the site and shoot me a line.

Just to clear the air, here’s what I’m not looking for:

  • Editorials
  • Character Optimization articles
  • Non-4e stuff
  • Industry News
  • Game recaps or campaign world write-ups

All that stuff doesn’t fit the mold here, and if an editorial comes up every now and then, I’ll tackle it. 🙂

What I’m looking for is more akin to:

  • DM tips
  • DIY type stuff to enhance the game
  • DMing theory stuff
  • Table/Player Management stuff
  • Neat Houserules
  • 4e reviews from the point of view of a DM
  • Experiences at the table that others can learn from

So yeah, it is very much aimed at the DM, as it has since I launched the site.

The amount of articles I’d like from the new contributor(s) will vary, but at least a bi weekly article seems good to start.

If you’ve been looking to blog, I think it’s a good opportunity.  Not to toot my own horn, but newbiedm.com is an Ennie nominated website, with an also nominated companion podcast, so it’s a not-too-shabby entry point to the blogging/podcasting world.

Interested?  Let me know.


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