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Congratulations to the winner, Mike, who posted a message on April 8th at 4:05pm.  I am sorry for not posting these results sooner, my bad.  COngrats to the winner and be on the lookout for more contests from and Gator Games.


I love Star Wars, and I love the idea of a SW roleplaying game.  Why the idea? Because I have yet to actually play in a Saga campaign.  I did play in a Gencon game, but that hardly makes for a full gaming experience of the system.  That’s not to say that I’m not ready to go at the drop of a lightsaber, I have the Saga rulebook, a gm screen, some nice minis to get started with, some maps, and a real strong urge to play.  So why haven’t I?  Well, my 4e campaign is in full swing and I would hate to stop it to play something else.  I don’t have enough free time to go around.

When I do run SW, and I will, I’ll run the Saga game, just to try it out.  I love the old d6 system, but I want to try something new for SW, although d6 will always be my first SW love.  I even created a scroll for my future campaign some time ago…

So, on to the reason you are here… because you are here for free stuff, not to read my ramblings, although I wish you’d do that too… 🙂  Once again, I’m partnering up with Gator Games in a giveaway… we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of Star Wars Legacy Era Campaign Guide.  Here’s the description from the official site:

The Legacy Era Campaign Guide takes players and Gamemasters over a century after the Battle of Yavin to the dark future of Star Wars. Set during a three-way war between two factions of the Empire and the remnants of the Galactic Alliance, the Legacy Era is rife with great opportunities for adventures.

The galaxy has once again fallen under the shadow of the Sith and the Empire, bringing about an age of tyranny not seen since Palpatine took control of the Republic. Sith Lords openly work for Darth Krayt, and the galaxy has been devastated by war. The Dark Times have returned with rampant crime, oppression, and violence.

  • Mix the best of the classic trilogy with the exciting elements of this Expanded Universe period.
  • Contains adventure hooks and new character options.
  • GMs can create campaigns that challenge the assumptions of the Star Wars Universe.

All you have to do is leave a message here, making sure you left an email address so we can contact you if you win.  You can also enter via twitter, sending both @gatorgames and @newbiedm a message telling us it’s for the contest.

This contest wouldn’t be possible without the great and wonderful folks at Gator Games.  So do yourself a favor, visit their online store and check them out.  Seriously, check them out.  They truly make all these contests possible. 🙂

This contest for Star Wars: Legacy of  the Force Campaign Guide will run until this Sunday night night April 11th, at 11:59pm eastern/8:59 pacific.

The contest is open to residents of the continental United States only.

Gator Games is an FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) operating in San Mateo, CA., and if you are in the area then do yourself a favor and make them your gaming store.  But if you are not, it doesn’t matter, because Gator Games has a website with a great “Used Items” online store that is certain to satisfy all of your hobby needs with some really great deals.

Gator Games also offers German games and an expanded selection of RPG’s, card games, miniatures, dice and boardgames.  Visit Gator Games’ revamped website today at  You can also find them on Facebook (Gator Games & Hobby) and Myspace.

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