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We’ve been hitting 4e for almost two years now, and the guys and I have decided to try other games out for a bit.  A lot of names were thrown out… Mutants and Masterminds is one that were are dying to try, but we just haven’t been able to wrap ourselves around the superhero concept, as it’s a little daunting to say the least.

There are however, other games we have on our “must-do” list, and hopefully soon, we’ll hit them.  A lot of good stuff came out of PAX recently about this game in particular:

The chance to play your favorite late Quinquagenarian is now yours!

This game came out of a licensing agreement that involved a few television shows and in my opinion, it’s the strongest one to translate.  It made its debut at Pax East last week, and by all accounts it was a hit.  We are definitely going to go down on the Golden Girls this year.  It also takes the d20 system on a whole new direction with its new Osteoporosis mechanic.

Everyone at the table was singing: "Thank you for being a friend..."

Being a fan of non-d20 games as well, we are also looking forward to this Christmas, when this gem is released:

Play a British Butler with a heart of gold.

The “Mr. Belvedere Role-playing Game”, by the new rpg games division of Touchstone Television, promises to “let you capture the wit, charm, and heart of gold” of America’s favorite British butler.  This  game is not d20 based, but rather uses a very modified version of the Burning Wheel mechanic. Think Mouse-guard, but not really.  The game comes in a gorgeous leather bound hardcover, and will retail for an affordable $150.00.

The book looks like it'll be a collector's item.

What about you all, what new games are you hoping to play this year?

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