Star Wars scroll for my SW: Dawn of Defiance game.

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I’ve decided to complement the current love affair I’m having with D&D with a little Star Wars gaming.  I’ve been a huge fan of the SW RPG  for years, from the days of the old West End Game version of the game, and having played Saga Edition at Gencon reminded me of what a fun setting SW is.

So, I’m going to run a campaign.  I’m not going to complicate my life however, and I’m just going to run the Dawn of Defiance campaign that WOTC has put out.  It’s free, long, and will do just fine.  I’m also thinking of running it as an RPGA game, just to get my feet wet with that whole side of DM’ing.

Anyway, I went ahead and created an opening scroll for the first adventure.  I plan to show it to the players before we begin our first session just to get in the Star Wars mood.  Pardon the crudeness of the graphics there at the end, but I’m not a computer animator, I did the best I could.

If you are having problems viewing youtube videos on Firefox (as I was), let me direct you to this link. It fixed my issues that I’d been having, in general, not just with this video.

So anyway, here it is… The opening scroll for Star Wars:  Dawn of Defiance Episode 1 – The Traitor’s Gambit

EDIT:  The last word is “burn”, not “bum”.  The font is too close together.  But if you want to read it as “bum”, go ahead!  As in “Rebellion is bumming Palpatine out…”  whatever…

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