My first “RPG Blog Carnival” post

Posted on February 2, 2009 by


So I decided to participate in this months RPG Blog Carnival, hosted by The Core Mechanic.

I cooked up a little map, using my Dungeon Tiles and Photoshop, as I’ve blogged about here.

This is a small tavern out in the woods. It is owned by an angry dwarf by the name of Rufus Drunkbeard. Rufus lost his leg to a hungry crocodile many years ago on the only trip he ever took to the Eckleborough Swamps, so he’s earned the nickname Pegleg, as he wears one carved by a woodworking gnome.

Rufus lives a quiet life out in the woods, sleeping in the basement of his tavern. Don’t go looking to start a fight though, Rufus keeps a club behind the bar, and he’s got a mean sweep with his leg.

Anyways, here is my contribution. Rufus Drunkbeard and his modest tavern, “The Angry Dwarf”.

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