Your PC’s life events in D&D

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It seems that the characters that I’ve come accross throughout my years of playing D&D have existed for simply one purpose:  defeat the evil forces at work.  That’s it.  Sure, my dwarf was always “So and so… son of XXXX…”, but who was XXXX?  Most of my DM’s through the years never ran campaigns that were so deeply immersed in each character’s background that we knew our entire family’s history.

So I guess my question here is, how prevalent out there in the gaming world are the types of games where there are characters that actually have lives?  I’ve never had a character with a family.  A wife, kids, a dog.  It has never come up.  And I guess another question is, how fun can that be?  I play D&D as an escape, if I wanted to recreate reality I’d just avoid those 4 hours on a Sunday night altogether and walk the dog with my wife.

But I am willing to bet there are gamers out there, looking for simulations in their RPG’s, that prefer playing the types of games where their characters fall in love, have children (are there npc stats for a d&d midwife?), run a farm or a tannery.  There must be gamers out there that like to know their characters are having sex every now and then, make a point to take their characters to the bathroom while at the inn, and visit their house while in town to make sure everything is alright.

Have any of you guys ever played such a deep, immersive game?  Do you have in-game wives (or husbands) that the DM runs?  Children?  Does it add to your character?   

And more importantly is it as fun to play as a kill-loot-kill campaign, or do PC life events get in the way?  DM’s, is it worth introducing this type of stuff into the game?

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