Keep on the Shadowfell fun

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I’ve been running the Keep on the Shadowfell for my group and we’ve all been having a blast.  4th Ed. makes it so easy to adjust encounters, that I’ve had no problem adapting the encounters for a 7-man party.  Also, using my custom made Dungeon Tiles on the table, has really helped the game move faster.  I don’t need to erase, draw, erase again any encounters on a battle mat.  Way cool.

So the party went down to the 2nd level of the Keep, and in the Hobgoblin Room, Encounter 12, the party faced their toughest challenge yet.  By the end of the encounter, 3 guys had fallen 30 ft. into a pit, one was hovering on death’s door… another guy was pinned against the wall by the Deathjump Spider, and the other guys were trying to make sense of the situation.

A good time was had by all.  I’ve kept the 5 minute workday to a minimum by having the earth shake everytime they want to stop at an innapropriate time, as a reminder that there is a ritual happening under them.

Fun fun.

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