Sharing a DDI subscription

Posted on October 20, 2008 by


I am contemplating asking my players to cough up and split the bill on a DDI subscription.  Between the 9 of us, it shouldn’t be too much.  I am concerened about the technical aspects of it though.  Can one account name log in twice?  What if they catch two of the same account names trying to get in at the same time? etc…  Maybe I’ll read the EULA to see if it speaks of these things…

I have spent money for my game buying materials to make my tokens, my custom tiles, printing things out, etc…  I’ve never asked the guys to contribute because I enjoy making this type of stuff, but maybe they should pay for DDI, it is for their benefit as well. 

Like a good Playboy magazine, I like the articles. 🙂

The software doesn’t interest me one bit though, since that stuff is found freely available online  (for now).  I wish he’d make the encounter builder and monster builder downloadable…..

What do you guys think?  Do any DM’s out  there split the costs of stuff with your players?

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