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The only thing I don’t like about DMíng is the fact that I am not playing a character anymore.  I’ve always loved playing my Dwarf:  Barundar, Son of Dorn.  There’s been so many versions of him through the years that it’s been hard to not include him in the campaign I’m running.  I didn’t because players would immediately see it as cheesy, they’ve all met him before!

Then there’s been 2 electronic Barundar’s, one in Everquest.  I couldn’t call him son of Dorn due to the fact that a major NPC in the game is called Dorn, and a dwarven son of a dark elf would make zero sense.  The other was in Warcraft.  I got him up to 40-something, then I stopped playing the game last year when my 2nd kid was born.  It was just taking too much of my time.

I’m thinking of making Barundar a powerful NPC king in my campaign, I’m just weary of the reaction at the table…  Should I be?

What I’ve never been though is emotionally attached to the point that I see the guy as family.  But I know people do.  Have any of you ever seen a player cry at the table when their favorite PC has been killed?  How attached have you gotten to your characters?  Who are some of your favorite PC’s that you’ve played?

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