Monster Conversion: Redcap

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Here’s the Redcap, a monster I first encountered in the 3rd. Edition Monster Manual 3. There is already a 5e version of it in DDAL4-6 The Ghost, an organized play module, and in Kobold Press’ Tome of Beasts. This is my version.


Artwork from WOTC’s Monster Manual 3.

I made it a Challenge 2 creature, and stripped it of its fey origins. I wanted to go with a more humanoid origin, with a close tie to Halflings. I basically kept some of their 3rd Ed lore, and added a bit of my own.


They are nasty little creatures who can regenerate HP when they kill, due to their bloodlust and their magical red little hats. I hope you have a nice time killing challenging your PCs with these guys.

Find my version of the Redcap here. 

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