Monster conversion: Sandman

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Here’s another monster conversion, this time the Sandman, which first appeared in 1e’s Fiend Folio, and was later taken into 2e’s Al Qadim setting in a boxed set called “Assassin Mountain”.

The Sandman’s a siscreen-shot-2016-09-11-at-1-46-57-ammple monster, it’s an elemental made of sand who basically puts people to sleep. In 2e, their lore was expanded and made them slaves to the dao genies.

I kept their basic stat block, didn’t try to expand on it much, keeping the monster mostly in line with its 1e/2e feel. There is a Sandman in Kobold Press’ Tome of Beasts, but it’s a different take on the creature.

Find my version of the Sandman here. 


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