Star Wars/5e Hack Minor Update

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I’m still moving along with my SW/5e hack (my friend Mark from Dice Monkey and Marvel Plot Points has offered to help me out)… I’ve done some thinking about how I’d like to see it progress in certain areas, and here’s what I have:

Classes: I am leaning towards a classless system that gives you decision points as you level instead, leaning on backgrounds a little more (for like weapon proficiencies for example) at character creation. I have a few reasons for this, some having to do with what the films seem to imply (in my eyes), plus I’m interested in experimenting with a classless 5e model, so why not use this hack to try out my thoughts.  I’m heavily leaning on SW Saga to help me out in that regard. That game had many, many, many options for its classes and they could easily help fill in the gaps in a classless 5e system.

The Force: I am going to keep it as simple as possible. The optional spell points (renamed as force points) system from the DMG, with a small tweak for recuperating some points after a short rest. In fact, I’m sure some spells could be simply refluffed into SW and that’s that. Not going to try to invent a whole subsystem. At character creation you’ll decide if you are force sensitive or not. And as you level, you can learn Force Powers in lieu of other choices if you are in fact sensitive. Simple.  Also, I’ll use the optional Honor system, from the DMG, as my Dark Side meter, perhaps tweaked to account for penalties as you slip into the dark side… disadvantage on certain things, that sort of idea.

So that’s the update. Here’s the weapons and armor chart, which I’ve kept short and sweet on purpose, at least for now. Also,  #sw5e is what I tag my posts on twitter about this hack with.




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