Let’s Build a 5e-Based Star Wars

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As some of you who know me may know, I love Star Wars.

I also love Star Wars rpgs. I love gaming in that universe, I love reading and playing any and all versions of Star Wars roleplaying. It’s up there with D&D.

I also love trying to hack games into SW. I released a Dragon Age version some time ago, and people dug it, so I figured, it was time to try a 5e one.

So here’s what I’ll do. Little by little I’ll design and whatever I come up with, I’ll put up here on the blog. If I have something to say about it on twitter, I’ll use the #sw5e tag.

Today, I’ll start with some species, the rodian, twi’lek and bothan.

The rodian is a Wisdom +2/Dex +1 species with darkvision who can double its proficiency bonus when tracking prey.

The twi’lek is a Cha +2/Con +1 species with darkvision who gains proficiency in Deception and has advantage on saves against poisons and toxins.

Finally the bothan is a Dex +2/Int +1 species with proficiency in Investigation and advantage on saves against being frightened.

I’m still formulating my thoughts about how some things will work, but 5e gives a nice solid foundation to work off.

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