A quick note for new D&D players

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Public service announcement time:  You may be curious about D&D, you may be starting out with the game, as there has been a lot of press lately about it. There’s a new edition, the game is celebrating its 40th anniversary, so there is a lot of D&D noise being made.

I wanted to help you out, because you might run into a situation if you go to a big box bookstore  like Barnes and Noble to look for D&D in  that you may find a lot of books on the shelf and be a little confused about what exactly you need to buy for the game.

If you see these books on the shelf (and chances are you will), do not buy them. They are the unsupported previous edition books and are incompatible with the new 5th Edition you are probably looking for.

4E Players HandbookDungeonMastersGuide


The shelves on some big box stores can be a bit messy, so just be aware of what you are picking up. The current version looks like this:


This may be a silly post to write, but i have seen people at my local B&N stare at the bookshelf and wonder what to get. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine…. 🙂


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