My homebrew 5e DM Screen

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Since WOTC has yet to release a screen, I decided to make my own. I bought a customizable GM Screen from Amazon recently, and printed out some charts and stuff I found online.  One thing I did add to my screen now that 5e’s Bounded Accuracy makes monsters more threatening to PCs on a wider range of levels, is monster stats. I thought of a few generic enemies, like cultists, bandits, orcs, trolls, hobgoblins, etc, and added their stat blocks to one of the panels. In a pinch, it can come in handy. Random encounter during a night’s rest? I have a few stats handy in front of me.

Here’s where I got the charts I used. Keep in mind I screen grabbed, manipulated, resized, etc. to come up with my layout. I am not going to make it available because  the works weren’t originally mine. I will link to where I got the charts from instead.

DM David

Erydin’s post on Reddit

For the player’s side, I went old school and found some of my favorite older D&D art.

The charts I used, in case the pics aren’t clear, are the following:

  • Generic rules (adv/dis, Inspiration, starting wealth, carrying capacity… that sort of thing)
  • Monster stats (Bandit, Guard, Troll, Cultist, Hobgoblin, Orc)
  • DC numbers
  • Movement types
  • Actions
  • Cover
  • Conditions
  • Light ranges


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I also made a mini version of a DM Screen using CD Cases, based on a post I saw on G+.  But I don’t think that I’ll use it as much. I love the idea of a smaller screen, but my 42 year old eyes don’t. 🙂




So there you go. 5e is getting me motivated to create for D&D again. I think that’s a good sign. 🙂



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