Starfighter combat in SW/AGE

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One of the things that has to be made up from scratch in my Star Wars/AGE hack is starship combat, which is iconic to SW, yet in AGE there are no vehicular combat rules of any kind.  I decided that the easiest way for me to approach that, and in keeping with the spirit of the AGE system, was to treat ships as characters (and perhaps one could argue that ships in SW are characters in their own right, Falcon, I’m looking at you), and just assume that combat will take place the same way with ships as it does with characters.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Like in the old D6 game, ships have a move that represents space units.  In d6 this was “Space”, in my AGE hack, it’ll be the familiar “Move”.  These numbers are lifted straight from d6, they work well.
  • How to handle “shields”, which basically serve as a buffer before ships start taking damage?   I lifted it right from 4e, yet kept it in AGE terminology. Shields have “Health”, and when that runs out from getting blasted too much, then the ship’s “Health” begins to get hit.  These are 4e’s temporary hit points.  Want to upgrade to better shields?  Mechanically they’ll just have more health.  Easy. No need to complicate things with some invented sub-system.
  • Determining a ship’s health stands for right now as some arbitrary system I came up with on the fly based on some d6 rules die codes.  This needs work.
  • A ship’s “defense’ stat is right now based on it’s d6 rule-set “maneuverability” stat.
  • Weapon damage?  This was a little bit of work, but I think I may have figured it out.  I took the ships found in the D6 Rules and looked at the die damage that their weapons did.  I then assigned, from least to greatest, equivalents based on the Dragon Age weapons group list.  So the starship weapon that dos the least damage in SW d6 would be paired with the die damage from the least weapon damage in Dragon Age. It’s rough, I admit, but since this is all relative, it may work.  I want to playtest this a bit.
  • Weapon ranges were lifted straight from the d6 game.
  • AGE’s Armor ratings?  Thinking hull plating will handle that, as you can upgrade to better hull in SW.
  • Missing here is the whole thing of actually maneuvering this thing around, and using the Stunts mechanic with them… one step at a time. 🙂
So as you can see, I’ve had to tweak things a bit to have star ships in AGE, but I think I’m on the right approach.  Here’s a pdf with some ships, take them for a spin and try them out.
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