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Some time ago I mentioned that I was slowly working on a Dragon Age/Star Wars hack, but I never really posted much more than that.  Since then I’ve received a couple of emails from people interested in the project, so I decided to recharge my batteries and get to it. Over time, I’ve gotten some work done, but there’s some more to go.

Here are the basics of the hack, which I’m calling “Star Wars:  Age of Rebellion”:

  • Like Dragon Age, it’ll have three classes, Soldier, Scoundrel, and Diplomat.
  • Force Sensitivity is determined at character generation.
  • Races are determined through background selection.
  • The “Magic” ability is replaced by “Force” ability.  While not everyone may be force sensitive, the force does surround all living things.  That ability score represents the extent of that.
  • Force Powers will become available through Talents, available only to Force Sensitive characters who have been trained in their use.  Yes, you need to find a trainer in the Civil War era of play.
  • Piloting will work very similar to the WEG d6 game, it will consist of Dexterity (Piloting) checks with a TN determined by the situation.  No need to over complicate things.  There are talents to enhance piloting a bit.

Things I need to work on are force powers and their use, whether there will be a dark side point system, scale (starship vs. character for example), and a few other things.

So there, for the two or three of you that asked, I’m still pushing along, but slowly, it isn’t a big priority right now.

Here are the 6 backgrounds I’ve come up with for the game.  As you read through them, you’ll get a look at some of the special Star Wars focuses in the conversion, as well as some special abilities some of the races will get.  You’ll also notice that speed is missing on these backgrounds, that’s coming in my next pass through.

—–> Star Wars Age of Rebellion Backgrounds

Also, check out the first 5 levels of one of the classes, the Scoundrel. It’s a work in progress, but pretty close to being done.  You can find that and much more Dragon Age stuff at the Dragon Age Oracle.

—–> Scoundrel character class

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