Dragon Age: Origins Story as a Tabletop Campaign

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I’ve run through all the published adventures for the Dragon Age RPG, and now it’s time to move on to homebrew adventures.  Rather than wreck my brain trying to figure out an epic storyline, I think I’m just going to adapt the plot of the video game to the tabletop.  I have the advantage that my players haven’t played through the video game, so the storyline will seem new to them, and it’s epic enough to make it memorable.  My PC’s have been asked by a Grey Warden in Antivar to head to Ostagar to see Duncan, following the conclusion of  “The Autumn Falls” adventure.

There are a few things that I may need to change or hand wave though in order to make it fit.  Spoiler warning from here on:

Morrigan and Flemeth.  What to do with these two?  I need Flemeth at Ostagar, but what purpose does she have for saving the Wardens?  Will Morrigan join them?  Perhaps the Wardens have a different way of escaping the tower.  What can that be?

The Grey Warden treaties.  Where are they?  I was thinking of a temple or something in the Wilds.

Alistair.  Do I include him?  Or perhaps his background can be assigned to one of the players?  I have an issue with making PC’s too important though, as they can die at a moment’s notice.  Maybe he can be with them and go separate ways until he’s needed.  Perhaps his injuries at Ostagar are severe and he stays in Redcliffe for a while.

The dwarves.  This section in the game felt like a grind, perhaps I can change the story a bit, or really scale back the whole Deep roads thing.

Also, the civil war.  In the video game I never got a sense that thre was this whole civil war going on, yet apparently it was.  I want to be able to show some of that.

While I’m on the topic of Dragon Age, it’s worth noting that Set 3 playtest documents were just released by Green Ronin, you can find them here.

I plan to write a more about this topic as I plan out my campaign, I need to put some of these thoughts on (digital) paper and get my plot straight.




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