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The Dark Legacy of Evard season is finally over. After running a table this season, I also ran a table for the World Wide Game Day event for the Neverwinter Campaign Setting at my local store. I had a lot of fun and I’m stepping down as a DM this season while looking forward to being a player in the Lost Crown of Neverwinter with many of the same players I DM’ed for. My husband will be DMing and he’s a great DM who brings life to his NPCs in ways I simply can’t emulate.

The best thing I’ve enjoyed about running Encounters is the people I’ve met. It’s not just meeting them though, it’s the playing with them that really mattered. I’ve met over a dozen people in the course of the last few Encounters seasons. Some of them I never want to see again, and some of them make me wish I had the time and energy to run even more D&D groups because they’re so awesome to play with. More importantly, I’ve made a point to get to know these awesome people, exchange emails and other contact info. Maybe I can’t run another table right now, but someday I might be putting together a campaign and I’ll have this list of amazing people I know I’d love to invite my table. I am already comfortable at a table with these people, I don’t have to worry about compatibility because I’ve already spent 4-8 weeks gaming with them and I know which ones are great role-players, which ones pay attention even when distracting movies are playing, and which ones make inappropriate jokes, or text on their phones in between turns.

If you’re a player or a DM wanting to put together a home group – I can’t emphasis enough how useful Encounters is for finding fellow gamers. Even if you dislike the current season, or you don’t want to play level 1, or you dislike the character options.  That is secondary.  If you play any form of 4e then you have the chance to meet people, see how they play, and invite them to form a real group. If there is a store running Encounters anywhere near you, think about giving it a try before posting on that Looking For Group forum.

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