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TheSheDM Reviews: Terraclips

January 26, 2012


Last weekend our Friday night DM surprised us with a fantastic pair of maps made from Terraclips and D&D tiles for our campaign finale. I had never heard or seen these strange tile-and-clip things, so I asked him about it. I was also surprised by how sturdy the structure was – he picked it up […]

Review: Lair Assault – Forge of the Dawn Titan

September 27, 2011


Here there be Spoilers: Players wanting to be surprised when they play Lair Assault should steer away now! The other weekend, I sat down to judge my first session of Lair Assault – Forge of the Dawn Titan. In a sort of “slot zero” session, I had arranged for many of the DMs at my […]

Poaching Encounters

August 12, 2011


The Dark Legacy of Evard season is finally over. After running a table this season, I also ran a table for the World Wide Game Day event for the Neverwinter Campaign Setting at my local store. I had a lot of fun and I’m stepping down as a DM this season while looking forward to […]

The Easiest Combat Map You’ll Never Make

July 15, 2011


Like a kid playing with Legos, I derive a childish glee from clearing off my coffee table and laying out dungeon tiles. I also have vinyl grids and wet-erase pens. When tiles can’t help me, carefully drawing vinyl maps is a close second in the glee department. I’m a busy DM though, I don’t always […]

Bribing Participation

May 27, 2011


I have always disliked “bribing” my players.  Background write ups, treasure wish-lists, and other issues some DM laments that his players don’t contribute enough of it and inevitably someone replies with a suggestion to bribe the player with experience, items, gold, bonuses, action points, or whatever else seems applicable.   It’s not usually my cup of […]

Splitting the Party

March 18, 2011


“Never split the party!” When the party decides to split up all kinds of problems arise. A DM has to juggle focusing on two groups interacting with two different environments or NPCs. Maybe characters struggle not to die as an encounter meant to face six players gleefully wallops its way through three players. The DM […]

TheSheDM’s Tutorial on Building an Aerial Grid

February 22, 2011


If you read Penny Arcade, you might remember Gabe’s post regarding his infamous free-fall encounter and you might have been impressed with his multi-tiered set up. I was, and a while back I decided to create my own version. An upcoming game for my players involved their first combat with a real flying opponent. How […]