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I’ll be attending my third Gencon this year, and unlike previous years, I’ll be attending solo… If you want to hook up while I’m there, the easiest way to reach me will be through my twitter account, but I’ll be checking email throughout the weekend as well. I found out that as far as today (Saturday July 23rd), the WiFi at Gencon has not been sponsored yet, so we’re on the hook for our own internet access while at the con.

I’m going to post my schedule up here in case some of you want to hook up for a beer or something, and also to announce some things I’m taking part in.

Wednesday August 3rd

  • Arrival to Indy @ 4pm
  • Drunken D&D at the JW Marriott bar/restaurant @ 8pm until who knows when…?

Thursday August 4th

  • Running Dragon Age Quickstart (5 players) @ 11am-2pm (duration may vary, location still to be determined, players already selected)
  • D&D Press Game @ the Ballroom. 4pm-5pm
  • Maybe running rpgKids at 6pm

Friday August 5th

  • Running Dragon Age Quickstart (5 players) @ 11am-2pm (duration may vary, players and location still to be determined)
  • ENnie Awards @ 6pm Indiana Convention Center, room 500 Ballroom
  • True Dungeon  @ 11:30pm

Saturday August 6th

  • Guest at a Seminar: “Raising 2nd Generation Gamers: How to Get Your Kids Gaming” @1pm-2pm Marriott room Phoenix // This seminar is sold out, but come by and say hi anyway…
  • Dungeon Master’s Roundtable recording @ 4pm Westin, room:  Chamber
  • Gencon Media Party @ 8pm Union Station Basement (no need to be a member of the media to attend, so come on by!)

That’s pretty much it, I deliberately left an open schedule to fit in what I want, when I want. Now I know that folks may want to join the Dragon Age games, and I’ll tackle that closer to game time.

So that’s the schedule, if you are at Gencon, come on by and say hello. I’d love to meet some readers of the site.

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