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On my off time I’ve been quietly working (for fun) on a Star Wars conversion of the first 5 levels of Dragon Age.  I’m not spending too much time on it, but I admit that the prospect of an AGE powered Star Wars game is appealing to me, if not for nostalgia alone, as the AGE system could capture that old school feel of the d6 Star Wars game that I love so much.

I wanted to post up a couple of the things I have written up, so you can see where I’d go with this.  Again, I can’t commit to working on this too much, so I can’t say when (if ever) I’ll finish.

So here’s one of the classes, the Scoundrel, levels 1-5:


What good is a reward if you ain’t around to use it? Besides, attacking that battle station is not my idea of courage. It’s more like, suicide.” Han Solo

Scoundrels are rogues, good or bad, who either side with the law, or fight against it.  Scoundrels live a life of constant adventure, whether deep in the bowels of their space transport or deep in the bowels of a gambling hall, the scoundrel lives for the next chance to score some coin, or score a kill.

Primary Abilities – Cunning, Dexterity, Perception

Secondary Abilities – Communication, Constitution, Strength, Willpower

Starting Health – 25+Con+1d6

Weapon Groups – Pistols, Simple Weapons, Melee Weapons

Class Powers – Scoundrels get the following powers at the specified level:

Level 1 – I Shot First:

You can inflict extra damage with a ranged attack on your first attack in a combat encounter.  You must win an opposed test of your Dexterity (stealth) vs. your target’s Perception (seeing). If you win the test, you can use your major action this round to inflict extra damage. This is a ranged attack with a +2 bonus to the attack roll that inflicts +1d6 extra damage.

Starting Talents:  You become a novice in one of the following talents:  Space Transport Piloting, Gambling, Systems Slicer; if you are a force sensitive, you can select a Force Talent instead.

Level 2 – Stunt Bonus:

You become more adept at finding the weak spots in an opponent’s armor.  You can perform the Pierce Armor stunt for 1SP instead of the usual 2.

Level 3New Talent:

You become a novice in a new talent or gain a degree in a talent you already have. If you are force sensitive, this could be a force talent.

Level 4 – Distracting Smart Aleck:

As a minor action, you say or do something that captures an enemy up to 4 yards away from you off guard, causing him to receive a -2 penalty to his defense for this round.  This is an opposed test of your Communication (deception) vs. your opponent’s Willpower (self-discipline).

Level 5 – New Talent:

You become a novice in a new talent or gain a degree in a talent you already have.  If you are force sensitive, this could be a force talent.

And the way that I’m planning on handling races is through the backgrounds system.  Here’s the Wookie background:


Wookiees are intelligent, arboreal creatures from the jungle world of Kashyyyk. They are considered to be one of the strongest intelligent alien species in the galaxy, yet also exhibit an uncanny knack for repairing and altering technology.

They are known for their loyalty to their friends, short tempers and cleverness. While Wookiees have a reputation for hostility, and are known to smash objects when angered, they also possess the capacity for great kindness and an appreciation of the qualities of loyalty, honesty and friendship.  Wookiees have developed much of their own technology, constructing huge cities in the trees of their homeworld. They also have their own tools unique to their culture, the most famous of which is the Wookiee bowcaster.

Playing a Wookiee

If you choose to play a Wookiee, modify your character as follows:

  • Add 1 to you strength.  Wookiees are known to pull arms out of sockets.
  • Pick one of the following ability focuses:  Cunning (Space Transports) or Dexterity (Bowcaster).
  • You can speak and read Wookiee, and understand Basic.
  • Choose a class, you can choose either Soldier or Scoundrel.

Roll twice on the accompanying table for additional  benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the results together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get some thing different.

2                                              +1 Constitution

3-4                                           Focus: Cunning (Starship Mechanics)

5                                              Focus: Dexterity (Brawling)

6                                              Focus: Strength (Climbing)

7-8                                           +1 Dexterity

9                                              Focus: Cunning (Demolitions)

10-11                                       Focus: Strength (Intimidation)

12                                            Focus: Strength (Jumping)

So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m thinking.  The other two classes are a Soldier class, and a leader type whose name hasn’t been set in stone yet.  He’s the negotiator, inspiring leader, political type.  I was going to go with noble and got talked out of it, but you get the idea.

As I finalize more, I’ll post it here.  Slowly but surely. 🙂

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