GM worksheets for Dragon Age

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I originally posted this article and the accompanying sheets over at the Dragon Age Oracle blog, but wanted to bring them over here as well.  I hope someone gets some use out of them, and enjoys their old school look and flavor.


I recently got my hands on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Design Kit, which comes loaded with advice on building adventures, chases and scenes.  It also comes with a ton of useful handouts, specific to AD&D.  I found it to be a great tool, even now so many years later, as the advice it gives is universal.

I liked the handouts so much, that I thought it would be cool to create some for the Dragon Age game, since it’s such an old-school flavored game anyway.  I made them to sort of look like handouts from the era of the Design Kit, but I think they are useful regardless of how they look.

The sheets are meant to help plan encounters, adventures and NPCs.  I made them primarily for new GM’s who may be playing RPGs for the first time, as sheets that they could keep in their binder or folder.

Get them here:  Dragon Age GM Sheets

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