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When I put out the call for contributors a few weeks ago, I was really floored by the number of responses I received. I really had no idea that so many people would want to write for my site. I’ve slowly been going through the sample articles and blog posts I’ve been emailed, looking for the right “voice” to join me here. I’m hoping to add three contributors over all, but I won’t just settle for just anyone. My site fills a niche, so looking for authors that fill it is important.

It’s that search that led me to The SheDM. I really wanted a 4e DM female voice to join the site, and her blog really fits the overall style, which is all about DM’s and improving their game. So let me now allow her to describe herself, and please give her a nice welcome…

TheSheDM is the secret identity of Davena Oaks: cubicle monkey by day and avid gamer by night. I discovered 3rd Edition ten years ago and picked up DMing almost immediately after. Weaned on 3.5e, I really sank my teeth into 4e and enjoy examining different aspects of D&D from the perspective of a DM, a player, and a female gamer.

The SheDM has her own blog at

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