The Home Encounters world map

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Some of you may now that I’ve got this side project going called 4e Home Encounters, with Gamefiend from the At-Will Blog, Mark Meredith from the Dice Monkey Blog and Tim Hely working on the cartography (he’s producing the  battle maps, not this particular map). I wanted to show you the world map and make it available for download, because I know that not everyone who reads this blog is familiar with that project (where I also posted the map).

The World of Elderyn

This map was inspired by a gorgeous map I saw at the cartographer’s guild website.  My map is in no way better or equal to that one, I guarantee it.  That map stands as my favorite fantasy map I’ve ever seen online, I’m just crazy about it.  My map is merely an attempt at shamelessly replicating it.

I’m making mine available for you as a jpeg and as a tiled pdf, so you can have it as a poster map if you want for your campaign (in case you desperately need an adequate world map).  The map is unfinished, so there are plenty of empty areas. I hope you take it and run with it, adding your own towns, cities, and rivers to it.  The pdf will tell you what fonts I used.  The mountains and trees are a photoshop brush I found somewhere a while ago.

FYI, this map is my personal homebrew world, and has been floating around my head for several years, at least since the early part of the decade.  That’s why project cartographer Tim Hely didn’t create it, because I’ve had it in various forms for years.

Grab the pdf here.

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