Warstories: Feeding the tip jar

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While perusing through the AD&D 1e Dungeon Master’s Guide’s introduction, I read a few interesting things.  One was the amount of hyping that Gygax did to “official” AD&D products, and how you should not pay attention to 3rd party stuff.  I found this comical because of the amount of grief people give WOTC about being a money grubbing company and what not.

The other thing that stood out was his suggestion that DM’s collect money from the players in order to purchase miniatures.  Yes Virginia, 1e AD&D encouraged miniatures use (and told you to charge your players for them).

But really the point of this article is to find out how DM’s out there handle this in their home games.  I know that the way I DM can be a little expensive.  I like to print out color maps when possible, make tokens, buy minis, keep an active DDI subscription and make purchases on books that I know my players aren’t buying.

Historically in the games that I’ve been involved with, the DM has never charged players for the gaming supplies or anything other than the food we all split.  I’ve never charged players at my game either, and I go through ink cartridges like they’re going out of style.

So I ask DM’s out there, how do you handle the expenses of the game at the table?  Do you suck it up and take them, or do you expect your players to help cover the costs?  Also, do you find a resistance from players to help cover costs, or are they willing to part with their cash for the benefit of the group?

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