Another Giveaway for Dungeon Tiles Master Set

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EDIT:  After gathering all the entries and twitter messages, determined that the winner of this giveaway was “dnd_widow”!  Congratulations, and a big thanks to all for entering!  We are going to have more contests soon, so be on the lookout for that later this month!


Because Gator Games is so freakin’ awesome, and I’ve had such a fantastic couple of weeks, I’m in a giving mood.  So if you didn’t win a set of the Dungeon Tiles Master Set last time around, you can enter to win again.  Two giveaways for the same product?  Why the heck not?  Who doesn’t love tiles?

And who doesn’t love Gator Games?  I know I do, the may be the coolest FLGS on the internet.  Who else is doing these giveaways?  No store that I know of, that’s for sure.

Gator Games is a FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) operating in San Mateo, CA., and if you are in the area then do yourself a favor and make them your gaming store.  But if you are not, it doesn’t matter, because Gator Games has a website with a great “Used Items” online store that is certain to satisfy all of your hobby needs with some really great deals.  Go there now and enter coupon code “Holiday” at checkout for a 20% discount on your orders.  Guys, I’m counting on you all to keep these giveaways coming, show Gator Games that readers are the most appreciative readers out there!

Gator Games also offers German games and an expanded selection of RPG’s, card games, miniatures, dice and boardgames.  Visit Gator Games’ revamped website today at  You can also find them on Facebook (Gator Games & Hobby) and Myspace.

Gator Games & Hobby
4212 Olympic Ave
San Mateo CA 94403

This contest tuns until 11:59 eastern/8:59pm pacific  on Saturday, October 9th and is open to residents of the US and Canada.  Now go visit Gator Games, will ya?

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