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Lately there’s been a lot of noise concerning Twitter and Dungeon & Dragons.  For example, in Wizards of the Coast’s organized play “D&D Encounters”, the PC’s can gain buffs during the encounter just by following Wizard’s own twitter feed where on game night they tweet all sorts of different things for that particular encounter of the week.

Also, today on ENWorld, probably the largest unofficial D&D community on the internet, they posted a list of what D&D people to follow on Twitter.  I’ve often made references to twitter on my articles, “…today on twitter….” that sort of thing.  Well, I just wanted to share with you guys that may not be on twitter, or may not really understand what it’s all about, just how cool it all is for D&D stuff.

On twitter you can converse in pretty much real time with all sorts of D&D related people, including the very designers and writers that work on the game.  Guys like James Wyatt, Chris Sims, Greg Bilsland (just to name a few) are guys whose names are in your D&D books and you could chat with them, make suggestions, or just listen to what they have to say about the game.   There are daily D&D related conversations and discussions that are great fun, and are only happening on twitter.  For example, there was a debate today about cannon and D&D settings, and what makes a setting unique.  The people participating on it were mostly D&D designers.

If you are a new DM, there are tons of DMing advice conversations happening at any given time, a lot of back and forths between bloggers, designers and players of the game.  I know I’m very active on there, as are many other bloggers.

If you haven’t gotten the twitter bug  just yet, there is a great thread on the ENWorld forums, kind of a quick how-to guide for entering the world of D&D and Twitter.  Check it out here.

Once you get on twitter, feel free to start following me too.  I’m always posting interesting links, and all sorts of D&D and DM’ing related topics.

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