Making tokens for Gametable

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In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how simple it is to make tokens for use in Gametable.  This tutorial is based in part on my token making tutorial for your face to face game, as it uses the same software, except that this is for a virtual table and nor a real one.

Okay, so you first need to download TokenTool.

Open Tokentool and drag a picture unto it.  Make your width and height 64, and select a frame/border for the token.  Once you do that, you can adjust the zoom level and in the upper right corner, you’ll see what the final token looks like.

So remember that Gametable’s square is 64 pixels on its side, so a 1″ token for a small or medium creature has to be 64×64. A large sized token (2×2 squares) has to be 128×128.  A huge creature (3×3 squares) 192×192 and so on…

I find that if you use a specific color border for enemies, and one for pc’s, it helps visually to keep track of who’s who.  That also applies to minions, by the way.

So when your token is done, grab in from Token Tool’s upper right hand side and place it in the Gametable “pogs” directory.  Be sure to rename it to whatever you want.  Once inside the program, you’ll see it on the left hand side library of pogs.

You can also click on the pog once it’s in the library and add attributes to it, like a name, hp, etc…

That’s it.  Pretty simple stuff.  Watch for more Gametable tutorials in the future on hosting and joining sessions.

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