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In this episode of the minicast I am joined by G. Dustin Snyder, Community Advocate for Organized Play at the Wizard’s of the Coast Community.  He is going to walk us through the process of signing up for the D&D DM’s Rewards, which gives DMs free gifts for just signing up and running sanctioned games.

The minicast is available on itunes, via feed, and at its own website.

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This is a slightly longer minicast that may be easier to follow with notes that Dustin made available for use as you listen and follow the steps to join Dm rewards.  Here they are:

DM Rewards Signup Notes

Hey everyone!  Thanks for listening to me ramble on newbiedm‘s minicast!  I know that I gave everyone a lot of information in a little time, so here’s a loose collection of notes I’ve put together on how to get signed up for WotC’s DM Rewards program.

Still getting stuck somewhere?  Don’t hesitate to contact Wizard’s Customer Service – or I’m more than happy to try and help out myself.  You can PM me on the WotC Community (WolfStar76) or even poke/follow me on Twitter (@wolfstar76).

Enjoy your free stuff!  You’ll be earning it!

Getting started with D&D Organized Play


  • Easiest – Show up at any D&D OP event, get a DCI card, and start playing
    • Optionally – register your DCI# online to track your play
  • If you don’t already have a WPN#, visit and click “Join WPN” to get a number.
  • Once you have a number login to
  • Create and take the Tournament Organizer “exam” – it’s far less a test/exam, and more like an agreement to follow the rules of the program.
    • Click Judge Center
    • Click Exams
    • Click Create
    • Cllick Tournament Organizer and choose your language
    • Click Level 1
    • Follow the direction to take the test
  • Within 24-48 hours you should have the ability to sanction events for any game in the WPN program – including D&D Events
  • You will likely want/need to add a venue to your profile.  You can do that via the “Join WPN” option at – If you’re going to run events like D&D Encounters you *MUST* have a retail venue as part of your WPN Organizer profile.

Joining D&D Rewards

Great program, but fairly well hidden at the moment.  In my testing (with the help of fellow Community Advocate mudbunny – thanks for being a guinea pig!) here are the steps currently required:
  • Login to the WPN Personal Information Center (
  • Verify that you have a listing that reads:  D&D WPN – CO Gateway (or Advanced).  If you DO NOT have this listed, follow these steps to take a Herald-Level DM Test
    • Take the “RPGA Dungeons & Dragons” test (formerly known as the Herald Level Test).  Because this is an OPEN BOOK test, you’ll want to have your 4E PH, MM, and DMG handy for reference.
      • Click Judge Center
      • Click Exams
      • Click Create
      • Click RPGA Dungeons & Dragons test and choose your language
      • Click 4th Edition Herald
      • Follow the directions and take the test
    • After you’ve passed – go back to the Personal Information Center (this step *may* take up to 48 hours for the Herald ranking to show up)
  • On the top-left of the Personal Information Center, in the yellow menu box is a link to “Rewards Program”
    • Yes, that link takes you to a page for Magic Rewards – don’t worry, you’re on the right track
  • At the bottom of that page click “Sign Up Now!”
  • If you passed the Herald Level/RPGA D&D test -you should have a link to RPGA DM rewards.
  • Click DM Rewards, sign up, and start collecting your free stuff
    • Free stuff requires you to run 5 sanctioned RPGA games/tables every 6 months.
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