Analog Initiative Tracker for Heroic Tier

Posted on April 18, 2010 by


If you are a newbie DM, and are having problems tracking and getting the hang of initiative management, this may be of some help. I created this “calendar” type initiative tracker to work with tokens, where you would just place a token representing characters and monsters in their appropriate squares, based on their roll.

You could also write names in the spaces, instead of using tokens, but with readying actions, and delaying, all that erasing could be a nuisance. Tokens are easily slid and placed on the appropriate numbered square and you are good to go. Just make tokens using my tutorial and you are set!

This will only work for Heroic and early Paragon, because rolls above 30 will occur beyond that point in your game, although I guess a modified version of this could be made if needed. I made this primarily for those folks that enjoy a full analog experience at the table, as initiative trackers for laptops are easily available, but some folks don’t enjoy using them.

You can grab the PDF here, print as-is, do not adjust scaling. It is two pages you will tape together.