A New Look for NewbieDM.com

Posted on April 16, 2010 by


So I’ve been toying with the idea for a while about changing the look of the site. A part of me said no, it’s good enough as it is, it’s recognizable, it’s, well… me. But another part of me said to go for it and give it a cleaner layout, nicer contrast, and a more professional look.

Well, that part won. Here is the new NewbieDM.com, I hope you like it. All the same downloads are where they should be, nothing has changed as far as content. I did add a contact form to the site, as I didn’t have one before. You can find that on the top bar there, “Contact NewbieDM”.

A part of me will miss the old header with the continents, as it is my avatar in a whole bunch of places, but I’ll adapt. Also, someone asked where I got that graphic from, and the answer is that I made it myself, it’s the southern part of my homebrew world, Elderyn.

Enjoy the new layout!

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