Downloadable Delves is open for business…

Posted on April 10, 2010 by


I few months ago I blogged about having a one stop place where 4e DM’s could go to download adventures for a night of gaming.  Many people chimed in, and the idea seemed to be a hit, after all, a place to find 4e adventures would be very handy to have.

Well, there’s a great D&D blog out there called Sarah Darkmagic, and in that blog, Sarah was already indexing D&D adventures. It’s a wonderful little resource, and I figured that instead of splitting things up all over the place, why not give Sarah the chance to host the delves on her index.

Well, I’m glad to say that she jumped at the chance, and as of today, the 4e Downloadable Delves idea I came up with back in February lives on her site.  Together we came up with the rules for submission, and I urge you to get to work and crank out great content, which I know it’s easy for the online D&D community.  The site is live and hungry for adventures. 🙂

Here is her post with the official announcement. Drop on by Sarah’s site, introduce yourselves and be nice.  I told her readers were kick ass.  Don’t make me look bad. 😉

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