Downloadable Delves

Posted on February 1, 2010 by


Okay. So here’s a crazy idea.  I want to start offering the DM out there with little or no prep time a place  for downloading ready made 4e encounters for his or her game.  I want to build a library of delves written not just by me, but by the rest of the rpg community.

Say you’re a DM who worked late last night and couldn’t prep for tonight’s game?  No problem, just come here and find a delve by level, download it and play away.

So what do you all think?  I’m sure I can find one or two of you willing to give it a shot and design a few encounters, no?  I want to read your ideas and suggestions for the section of the site, as this is very much in its infancy right now, but i want to get it going sooner rather than later.

There are some legal issues I need to clear up (user created stat blocks using monster builder or other 3rd party programs,  for example) before I officially launch the section, but I want to gauge people’s interest in something like this.

I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions.

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