Warstories: Eat, Drink, and be Merry….

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First, I’d like to wish all readers of this blog a belated Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  If you celebrate something else, then I hope you had a great time doing it as well.  This time of year is always special no matter what you celebrate.  It’s time for friends, family and fun, so I hope it’s been a good one for all of you!

It’s also a time to eat like a fat spoiled pig and gain some weight, only to try and lose it as a new year’s resolution.  So here’s a silly post to close out the year… what foods and food rules are employed at your gaming table?  Food and gaming go hand in hand.  I have a few extra pounds around my waist line myself, and judging by what I saw at Gencon, so do other gamers…

In my house, we play in my dining room, and my wife has rules about the dining room… no cups on the Indian Buffett I gave her one year for her birthday, and we have to have layers of tablecloths on the actual table.  She is still a bit upset about the Temple of Elemental Evil etchings on her table from some years ago…  Any similar rules at your house?

What foods do you guys find more convenient for gaming?  For example, my wife likes to make chili, and every now and then she’ll ask if I want her to make chili for the game, and I always tell her that chili’s just not convenient D&D table food.  I have too many things going on at the table, maps, minis, screen, sheets to deal with 8 bowls of chili.  Sorry. Chips, 1 bowl of dip, a bag of M&M’s is always there (edible minions), and my must-have diet orange soda are the usual nutrients at NewbieDM’s game.  Maybe a box of pizza on the floor.  We don’t take a break to eat, because play time is limited.

So, what goes on and your table as far as food & drinks are concerned?

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