NPC Tracker cards

Posted on December 29, 2009 by


I was talking to one of my players today, and he casually mentioned that sometimes there were too many NPC’s to remember in my game, and note taking is not their thing… so I decided to come up with npc cards.

These are simple to use.  The Photoshop version has a “hole” where the portrait goes, so you’d drag an image in photoshop unto it, and make it the bottom layer, then just resize it.  It’ll show up in the hole.

The JPEG version is for those of you without photoshop, you just have to figure out how to add the image in the frame and all that cool image manipulation stuff.  🙂

They are simple,  not too fancy, but may be useful.  Find images from your modules or adventures for the NPC portraits.

Here is the Jpeg version

Fancy Photoshop version

Edit:  I went ahead and created a second version with an occupation line and a spot for the campaign name.  I guess some people would find that useful.  I will not be updating them anymore though.  Truth be told, you could probably find better ones elsewhere. 🙂

Here they are:

Photoshop version

Jpeg version