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I’ve been thinking about maps, and more importantly, I’ve been thinking about how this blog is lacking a good article on map making.  Players love maps, dm’s love maps, everyone loves a good map.  I only have one problem, I have no skills when it comes to cartography.  Sure, I can place a couple of trees in photoshop over a continent, that’s not a problem, but I am bad at the logical and realistic placement of rivers, trees, forests, and lakes.

I am working on a solution though, and hopefully within the next couple of days I will announce a series of guest articles by someone way better than me on the topic of map making. But I need your help. I need to know what kind of articles on the subject you’d find interesting. What is it about RPG maps that you’d like to read about? What maps do you want to see tutorials for? Battle maps, or maybe world maps? Leave me comments below, or shoot me an email at newbiedm@newbiedm.com

This is one subject I can’t really blog about, because I just don’t have the skills, experience, or patience. Map making is tedious work, but it is very rewarding. I’ve been working on my campaign map for a while now, but the fact that I can’t really do it with skill just honestly turns me off. I don’t want someone asking me “Why would a river be there?”, you know what I mean? So I just avoid drawing it.

Either way, here is my work in progress:


In the interest of full disclosure, the style is a bad attempt based on a map I saw at the Cartographers Guild that blew me away. My apologies to the artist, Bohunk on the Cartographer’s Guild forums,  for the complete and utter ripoff attempted on my part.  Rest easy knowing my map will never be as great as yours.

So, if I could get some suggestions on what kind of map advice you’d like to see here, please let me know.

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